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Europe Biobank Week 2019 takes place in the Hanseatic City of Lübeck, a UNESCO World Heritage Centre on the Baltic coast of northern Germany. Lübeck was founded in 1143 and is the former capital and Queen City of the Hanseatic League – the major medieval trading network of northern Europe and beyond. The organizers have negotiated discounted rates at several hotels located in the near proximity of the venue. Book your accommodation in advance and benefit from the preferential rates! 

Please note that the negotiated rates are only available through the below mentioned booking methods and are not valid for reservations made through internet platforms such as, Expedia, travel agencies, etc.

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Best poster awards

Three best ranked posters:
– PS3-5 Status of the FarGen-infrastructure (K.Aplo);
– PS5A-6 Sustainable biobanking in the Netherlands: best practices, value and a sustainable infrastructure (R.Van der Stijl);
– PS9B-12 Returning genetic data to participants of Estonian Genome Center (N.Tonisson).
Thank you all for your contribution.

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Winners of Travel Fellowship

We are pleased to announce  the winners of the Travel Fellowship:

Ms. Deepika Trehan, National Institute of Pathology, India;
Mr. Enock Wekiya, National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory, Uganda.

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