Sirpa Soini


Claudia Wild

Sirpa Soini

Title of Presentation

“PRIVACY & FINNISH LAW REFORMS – Balancing individual and social interests”


Date and Place

Session P2-1


Speaker Biography

Sirpa Soini is a specialist of biomedical law & regulation. She works currently at Helsinki Biobank, Helsinki University Hospital, after a long career at the National Institute for Health and Welfare. Alongside legal practice, she is engaged in various international research and collaboration projects. Her competence areas include regulation and ethics of translational and genomic medicine, biobanking, privacy and data protection, IPR and public health issues.
• Member of the National Medical Research Ethics Committee (TUKIJA) since 2006.
• Member of the National Biobanking Steering Group (Ministry of Health and Social Affairs) since 2013. .
• Legal counsel for, chair of – ELSI-group. .
• Pending doctoral dissertation studies legal pluralism in the biomedical regulation and practices



Finland has high hopes of fostering its economy with the help of health technology and health innovations. In 2013, Biobank Act was enacted to enhance biomedical research and development. Recent strategic openings at the national level call for secondary use of health and social welfare data, establishment of genomic center and integration of the Finnish Biobanks. There are also motions to turn into opt-out mechanisms instead of an explicit consent to a biobank. I will briefly discuss whether it is possible to balance individual and societal interests.