Ana María Sánchez-López


Claudia Wild

Ana María Sánchez-López


Title of Presentation

“Dissemination plan as a tool to improve the activity of a biobank”


Date and Place

Session B7


Speaker Biography

Ana Mª Sánchez López is responsible of the Request and R&D+i Management Area of the Coordinator Node of the Andalusian Public Health System Biobank. She is doctor in Biology and she has a Master Degree in “Biobanks and Use of Human Biological Samples in Biomedical Research”. She has 12 years experience in development and management of biobanks, in addition, she has conducted numerous teaching activities (universitary master, courses, seminars,…) and she has experience in R&D+I with the participation in several research projects, two of them as principal researcher, and participation in collaborative structures as the Spanish National Biobanks Network. She has eight publications and more than thirty contributions to international and national congress and she has directed three master thesis. Moreover, she has contributed to development of different software related with biobanks and is remarkable her participation in expert working groups about different aspects of biobanks.



INTRODUCTION Obtaining samples in order to transfer to biomedical research is the main aim of a biobank. Therefore, the society and professionals, are the two sectors which should know the operation of the biobank. However, the reality is that both sectors still have a lack of awareness of them. Even, though all know their activity, the continuous dissemination help to get the objectives of the biobank more effective and efficient. AIM Desing an annual dissemination plan, which includes specific actions to each of these sectors, according to the needs of improvement for a biobank. MATERIAL&METHODS To carry out the dissemination plan, we have designed a scheme with different types of activities (general, for both sectors, and specific actions to each of them), AND THEN analyzed how dissemination activities have been able to influence the results of the activity of the biobank. RESULTS&CONCLUSION Specific actions are identificated, among others: Professional and society sectors: • Development of promotional material. • Diffusion through audiovisual and digital media. Professional sector: • Informative session for health professionals and researchers. • Attending conferences and other events of communication with companies Society sector: • Activities for the educational community. • Socio-sanitary meeting In the 2015 plan, we have emphasized the actions to achieve an increase in the number of donations and the number of customer, getting in both cases. The implementation of dissemination plans can improve the activity of a biobank. It allows us to plan further action based on the results.