Andre Sander



Andre Sander

Title of Presentation

“Ontologies and semantic searches”


Date and Place

Session C3


Speaker Biography

1990-1996 Study at TU Ilmenau “Medical informatics”

1996-1997 Researcher at Max-Delbrück-Centrum Berlin

Since 1997 with ID Berlin as software developer

Since 2007 CTO

Lead development of ID LOGIK®



Since many of the medical documentation still exists in narrative language, systems, that are able to structure such information are in the focus of current research and development. Such systems should be able to fully extract the semantic content and map it to an ontology. Ideally, that ontology is additionally organized in a semantic network structure and thus allows sophisticated semantic queries. In terms of translational medicine all kinds of information sources should be connectable to enable researchers to explore the underlying knowledge in patient histories. The combination of structured data and semantic expressions will allow what is known as “rapid prototyping” in software development. Researchers will be able to quickly select cohorts and test hypotheses. Classic statistical methods will surely be enhanced by machine learning – all this empowered by terminology based systems. This presentation will give an overview and show how biobanks can benefit from it.