Arvydas Laurinavicius



Arvydas Laurinavicius

Title of Presentation

“The case of Lithuania – how did it work?”


Date and place

Session F1


Speaker Biography

Arvydas Laurinavicius, MD, PhD, Professor of Pathology, Medical Faculty of Vilnius University, and Director of the National Center of Pathology, Lithuania.
He has graduated from Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine (1981-1987), accomplished PhD program at the Moscow Medical Academy (1989-1992), and Fellowship in Renal Pathology at the Harvard Medical School (1996-1997). For over 20 years he leads the National Center of Pathology, the largest anatomic pathology service in Lithuania. He is specialized in nephropathology, current research is focused on digital image analysis and analytics for tissue-based biomarkers. For many years he is involved in national research biobanking initiatives. He chairs the national consortium Biobank-LT and Lithuanian Association of Health Informatics and Bioinformatics (SVIBI.LT). Previously, he has served as the Management Board member and chair of Research and Innovation Committee at the International Health Standards Development Organization (IHTSDO).



National research biobank network has been listed as a priority in the National Roadmap of Research Infrastructures in Lithuania since 2011. A distributed network, consisting of biobanking facilities in two major medical campuses in Vilnius and Kaunas, will form the basis for the infrastructure. Investment plans are due later this year. Vilnius University is projected to become a National Node and has initiated procedures to apply for an Observer Membership at the BBMRI. National law on biomedical research has been supplemented by the chapters on biobanking and has been enacted in January 2016.