Bartlomiej Wilkowski


Bartlomiej Wilkowski

Bartlomiej Wilkowski

Title of Presentation

“The Danish Biobank Register – a web-based search of biological materials”


Date and Place

Session A1


Speaker Biography

Bartlomiej Wilkowski has obtained his Ph.D. degree in biomedical informatics from the Technical University of Denmark in 2011. He has a Master’s engineer degree in Telecommunications and Computer Science from the Technical University of Lodz in Poland. Since June 2011, Bartlomiej has been head of the Danish Biobank Register at the Danish National Biobank in Copenhagen. He designed, developed and is still expanding the system. He is recently involved in building a similar, joint Biobank Register system for the Nordic countries as a part of a Nordic Center of Excellence in Health-Related e-Sciences (NIASC). Bartlomiej is also a reference group member of a Tryggve project, a Nordic platform for collaboration on sensitive data funded by the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration. At the Danish National Biobank, Bartlomiej is also involved in supporting daily operation of automated freezers and robots.



The Danish Biobank Register is a national web-based search system that provides researchers with a quick and easy overview of the more than 22 million biological samples available in various Danish biobanks. The system is one of the pillars of the recent Danish biobank initiative centered on the establishment of the Danish National Biobank ( The Danish Biobank Register provides much-needed support for register-based research through more efficient linkage of disease diagnoses with existing biological materials stored in various biobanks. The search process allows linkage of data from the Danish Civil Registration System, the Danish National Patient Register, and the Danish Pathology Register. The user refines various search criteria (e.g. disease of interest, age at sampling, required sample types, sex, country of origin, etc.) to determine how many samples relevant to the proposed project are available and where they are stored. The results are displayed in pseudo-anonymized, aggregate form, with counts of available samples and the collections to which they belong. Counts can further be grouped by the time at which the samples were obtained (e.g. before or after the diagnosis of interest.) The Danish Biobank Register helps researchers to shorten from months to minutes the previously very laborious and time-consuming process of identifying enough pre-existing biological samples to support a new project and determining their ownership and storage location. The Danish Biobank Register is part of the Nordic Center of Excellence in Health Related e-Sciences (NIASC), which aims to establish similar systems in the other Nordic countries.