Bernard Gibaud



Professor Bernard Gibaud

Title of Presentation

“Biobanks and Imaging: the bioinformatic challenge, from MIABIS to DICOM”


Date and Place

Session D1 – b


Speaker Biography

Bernard Gibaud is a senior researcher with Inserm, the French national institute for health and medical research, working in the LTSI Laboratory at Rennes (France). He graduated from Sup’ Télécom in Paris in 1979, and he received a doctor-engineer degree in 1983 from the University of Rennes 1. His initial research interests were in 3D medical imaging and PACS. He participated in pioneering PACS projects in France, as well as in the EurIPACS/MIMOSA European project (Medical Image Management in an Open System Architecture) in the early nineties. Since 2000, his contributions focus on the use of ontologies and semantic web technologies in biomedical research, towards applications for image processing, integration of heterogeneous data, simulation, and more recently in the area of surgical process models.



Imaging in biobanks has become important resource for researchers in radiology, pathology and other domains. Joint effort of European Society of Radiology and BBMRI-ERIC to bring ESR imaging biobanks into services increasing their findability and accessibility resulted in setup of MIABIS Imaging Working Group and into implementing the proposed extensions of MIABIS data model into prototype of BBMRI-ERIC Directory 3.0. In this presentation, we will discuss experiences with designing the data model and practical experiences with its deployment.