Clemens Suter Crazzolara



Dr. Clemens Suter-Crazzolara

Title of Presentation

Big data analytics of medical data – contributions from industry expects


Date and Place

Session: C3 – 1

Speaker Biography

Dr. Clemens Suter-Crazzolara is VP Product Management for Precision Health. He is responsible for defining SAP’s product portfolio in the health area, as well as business development and partner engagement. Clemens has a PhD in cell-biology from the University of Basel (Switzerland) and a biology degree from the University of Amsterdam. As a research leader on the intersection of the human genome project and neurodegenerative diseases, he contributed to 25+ publications. Clemens is a business leader and evangelist in innovation and technology, with a strong understanding of big data analytics, cloud computing and digitalization.



A dramatic health-related revolution is taking place, ultimately leading to personalized medicine. Automated diagnosis, the empowerment of the patient, the advance of genomics and the need and capability to analyze massive amounts of data: all of these drive innovation, research acceleration, and improved drug- and therapy-development. Sophisticated software platforms and analytics solutions are needed to connect and unlock the value of biomedical data – from omics-data to electronic medical records to clinical trial information. In this presentation, the impact of this digitalization on the health-related industries will be discussed. Best practices from SAP customers will be presented; illustrating the ingestion and interpretation of massive amounts of information, leading to tangible benefits for the patient. In addition, an outlook at the Health Network will be provided, which will ultimately connect all health-related stakeholders.