Constantinos Deltas



Constantinos Deltas

Title of Presentation

“Biobanking and the Cyprus Human Genome Project (CY-Biobank)”


Date and place

Session F3


Speaker Biography

Prof. C. Deltas graduated from the National University of Athens with a BSc in pharmaceutics and pursued a PhD degree with Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA (Jan. 1988). He worked as Instructor at the Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia and as a visiting researcher at the Duke University Medical Center, in Durham, North Carolina, USA. He was invited to join the newly established Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics in 1991, where he pioneered in the development of research projects and diagnostics services in the field of inherited disorders with emphasis on renal conditions, in collaboration with many scientists in Cyprus and abroad. In 2002 he was elected full Professor of Genetics at the newly established Department of Biological Sciences, University of Cyprus. Acting as the first Chair, he was instrumental in building up a new faculty and establishing undergraduate and postgraduate programs of study and research. His research contributions with wider impact pertain to cystic kidney diseases (polycystic kidney disease and medullary cystic kidney disease) while during the last decade his work was instrumental in delineating the role of collagen IV mutations in the wide phenotypic spectrum of thin basement membrane nephropathy and focal segmental glomerulosclerosis. Prof. Deltas was the first to start and establish a Biobank in Cyprus, funded by local and other sources, approved by the Cyprus National Bioethics Committee.



The CY-Biobank project was submitted as a research proposal in the framework of the H2020/ WIDESPREAD-01-2016-2017: Teaming Phase 2 call, after success through phase 1 (decision pending). The project aims at upgrading the Molecular Medicine Research Center of the University of Cyprus to a Center of Excellence (CoE) in Biobanking and launching the Cyprus Human Genome Project. The research activities shall focus on Mendelian inherited disorders or disorders with a genetic component, starting with the rare monogenic ones and expanding to the frequent more complex conditions. The CoE will embrace the whole research community of Cyprus and serve as an incubator for innovative ideas and research, and as a tertiary medical and educational institute. The Advanced Partners are the Medical University of Graz that coordinated the preparatory phase of the project for Biobanking & BioMolecular resources Research Infrastructure (BBMRI) and its subsequent European Research Infrastructure Consortium, BBMRI-ERIC, which represents the largest family of Biobanks in Europe.
The presentation will elaborate on the requirements of this specific H2020 call and describe our experience in preparing the documents to submit to the European Commission.