Dr. Raed Al Dieri



Dr. Raed Al Dieri


Title of Presentation

“Clinical Research and the European Society of Pathology (ESP)”


Date and Place

Session D4


Speaker Biography

Dr. Raed Al Dieri is a principle investigator in the medical biochemistry and pathophysiology of the coagulation system and the application of thrombin generation in fundamental and clinical settings.
He has a particular interest in uncovering the mode of action of conventional and new anticoagulants. He has given a special consideration to thrombin generation as a predictive tool in clinical settings as in thrombotic disorders and in congenital and acquired disorders with bleeding tendency. He has co-developed and co-invented several tests to measure the coagulation system in normal subjects and patients of cardiovascular diseases, thrombotic events and bleeding disorders.
In 2015 he was nominated as Scientific Director of the European Society of Pathology (ESP). Besides, he is the Executive Director of the European Society of pathology- Quality Assessment Organization (ESP-QA).



As a learned society, the European Society of Pathology (ESP) has as its primary aim to promote high quality diagnostic practice, applied and translational research and under- and postgraduate education in the field of human pathology. This is attained through its annual congresses, its journal Virchows Archiv, its European School of Pathology, which organises an array of postgraduate courses and its quality assurance projects in diagnostic molecular pathology.
The multi-disciplinary working groups of ESP play a pivotal role in fostering applied and clinical research in pathology. Particular consideration is given to projects that ensure high quality patient care and increase value and reduce waste in clinical research. This is achieved by supporting well-selected research programs and by establishing a close relationship with potential societies and organizations that share the same vision with ESP. Such collaborations have resulted in publishing guidelines, organizing joint scientific sessions and offering mutual fellowships in clinical research.