Eero Vuorio



Eero Vuorio

Title of Presentation

“Introduction to the next session: Financial support to emerging biobanks”


Date and Place

Sessions F2, F3 & F4


Speaker Biography

Eero Vuorio is a Professor emeritus of Molecular Biology (University of Turku) who served as an Executive Manager of BBMRI during its preparatory phase 2008-2011. He has been responsible for organizing the Biobank Forum meetings for the BBMRI-LPC project 2013-2016.



The aim of the four Biobank Forum meetings organized in Graz (2013), Tallinn (2014), Budapest (2015) and now in Vienna has been to provide a platform for exchange of information between established European biobanks and emerging biobanks in Eastern European (“Widening”) countries. In the Vienna Forum focus is on financial support to emerging biobanks. Representatives of biobanks that have received financial support from Structural funds will share their experience with the participants. Furthermore, information and experience will be provided on the European Union funding instruments aimed at bridging the divide between the older EU Member States and Widening countries (both in the Health, Demographic Change and Well-being and WIDESPREAD programs).