Elena Bravo


Elena Bravo - Ritratto 20-05-2011 (16x24)2

Elena Bravo


Title of Presentation

“Critical update on CoBRA guideline implementation”


Date and Place

Session E1


Speaker Biography

Elena Bravo is Senior researcher at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (Italian National Health Institute, ISS). After graduation in Biochemistry at the Rome’s University and postgraduate in Clinical Chemistry, her research dealt with endogenous and postprandial lipoproteins, cholesterol and triacylglycerol accumulation in hepatocyte and macrophage. Currently she is the delegate of the Italian representative in BBMRI-ERIC and contribute to the work of the ISO TC 276 on biobanking. She collaborates to the optimization of BBMRI.it. Her activity includes quality bioresource policy and management. She promotes implementation of publishing good practices and of the guideline CoBRA on standardization of reporting bioresource use in scientific articles.



The CoBRA (Citation of BioResources in journal Articles) guideline describes a standard citation to improve the quality of bioresource reporting and traceability in scientific publications. Since its publication in BMC Medicine in 2015, the guideline has attracted the interest of the scientific community, which has recognized the importance of having a standardized format to cite bioresources in order to trace their use in scientific literature and more generally to assess their impact and to promote their sharing. Following intense dissemination activities engaged by the authors to promote the use of the citation format among different stakeholders, some important results have been achieved. The European Association of Science Editors (EASE) has included the CoBRA recommendations for bioresource citation in their “Guidelines for Authors and Translators of Scientific Articles”. BBMRI-ERIC has supported the initiative and the new version of BBMRI-LPC Material and Data Transfer Agreement now includes the section for citing bioresources according to CoBRA. Some biobanks participating in BBMRI-ERIC have already incorporated the guideline into their standard operating procedures. The Research Data Alliance (RDA) has shown interest in the BRIF initiative including CoBRA and the Open Journal for Bioresources has featured the citation according to CoBRA. The CoBRA guideline has been used to cite regional and interregional registries for rare diseases by the Italian Center for Rare Diseases. CoBRA has already achieved a wide consensus among the different stakeholders, in particular biobanking community, while more discussion and work are needed to sort open issues with editors, publishers and information specialists.