Florian Kohlmayer



Dr. Florian Kohlmayer


Title of Presentation

Data integration and protection: an IT perspective


Date and Place

Session C5


Speaker Biography

Dr. Florian Kohlmayer is a research assistant at the Chair for Medical Informatics at Technische Universität München (TUM). He holds a Diploma (M.S. equivalent) in computer science and a Ph.D. from TUM. While doing his doctorate, he received a scholarship from the Graduate School of Information Science in Health (GSISH) at TUM and worked at the Chair for Medical Informatics and the Chair for IT Security. His research interests include IT support for clinical and translational research with a focus on data integration, IT security and privacy-preserving data management.



Improved data integration is needed for clinical and research processes.
Data silos must be unlocked to support comprehensive views and analyses on collected data. Capturing data only once and re-using it wherever possible is a central challenge. Technical solutions have to go hand in hand with organizational ones, and data protection, regulatory aspects, and especially patient privacy issues have to be addressed carefully. We will present an IT perspective of how to overcome typical barriers and to realize an integrated solution. Our example will be the DIS software (where DIS stands for “data integration system”) which has been developed during a major national project in Munich. Among other, it provides a secure master patient index, functionality to integrate data, to manage annotated biospecimens, and an interface to business intelligence applications.