Francesco De Lorenzo



Prof Francesco De Lorenzo

Title of Presentation

Giving back to the patients – engaging patients and their organisations in biobanks’ life


Date and Place

Session B3


Speaker Biography

Francesco is a colon cancer survivor, medical doctor and professor of biochemistry – University Federico II Naples. He has a rich experience in cancer advocacy being the co-founder, former Vice-President and Board member of ECPC. He is also the founder and President of the Italian Association of Cancer Patients (AIMaC), Italy’s first Cancer Information Service (CIS), and of the Italian Federation of Cancer Patients Organisations (FAVO). Francesco is also active in Italy’s governmental network of cancer Institutes (ACC), Italy’s National Cancer Plan Committee and National Volunteer Observatory of the Italian Welfare Ministry. Francesco was also engaged in Italian politics as a Member of Parliament, holding several ministerial mandates (Ministry of Health, 1989-1993).



Reciprocity is key to ensure that the relationship between the biobank and the patients remains strong. Consolidating the relationship with patients’ organisations should be a primary objective of biobanks, to consolidate the alliance made at the moment the patient donates his/her sample and data.