Henry Robben



Professor Henry Robben


Title of Presentation

Building Sustainable Business: Market Making, Market Hunting, and Market Farming


Date and Place

Session A4


Speaker Biography

Henry Robben is a professor of marketing at Nyenrode Business Universiteit, the only private university in The Netherlands. His research and teaching revolve around strategic marketing and innovation management. He has published extensively on these topics in leading academic journals and business publications. He presents regularly at national and international academic and practitioner conferences. He also acts as an advisor to companies in diverse industries. Against all odds, he is a supporter of the Dutch national football team.



The presentation will focus on the only function that modern marketing has, namely building sustainable business. Organizations need to do that by creating competitive advantages. Competitive advantages are formulated from the customer’s perspective, and are strengths of an organization that in a given segment, influence the decision making process of the customer in your favor. These competitive advantages do not happen overnight—you need to design them into your offering and way-to-market architecture. Evidence from over 1,400 organizations in Western Europe paints a clear picture of a winning marketing strategy. Through the three pillars of business development, namely market making, market hunting, and market farming, organizations can craft such a marketing strategy.