Ines Aroca Siendones



Ines Aroca Siendones

Title of Presentation

“Selection of specific indicators for a biobank balanced scorecard development”


Date and Place

Session A7


Speaker Biography

Ines Aroca Siendones is responsible of the Coordinator node of the Andalusian Public Health System Biobank (SSPA BioBank) .
She has a degree in Biology, Master’s degree in regenerative biomedicine, and Expert in management of healthcare centers. It has 8 years experience in development and management of Biobanks, in addition has conducted numerously activities in teaching (Masters, conferences, courses, seminars,…), and has experience in R & D + i with participation in 7 research projects, and participation in collaborative national structures (Spanish national biobanks network) e international structures (European Bank for induce pluripotent Stem Cells, EBiSC). She have 10 publications, and more than 25 contributions to international and national congresses. She have contributed to the development of managment software for biobanks (Bio- e -Bank) (Vitro corporate) as well as the own of the of the SSPA BioBank (SIBAI). On the other hand, is remarkable the participation in groups of work of experts (quality, interoperability, samples collections and associates data,…..)



Background: A balanced scorecard (BCS) is a tool to measure the activities of an organization in terms of its vision and strategy, providing a global view of business performance, to review compliance and progress in achieving objectives. Currently there is no BSC available with own indicators of activity and biobank processes. The SSPA Biobank is organized as a network biobank consisting of 26 nodes. Hence, it becomes of outmost importance to make it disposable the necessary tool to continuously measure the accountability for performance. Objective: To arrange a tool with Biobank´s process indicators. This will ensure the follow up of each area and nodes as well as the development and achievement of BBSSPA objectives. Material&methods: Based on the strategic lines of the biobank, a set of indicators of key processes were defined and categorized into 4 groups according to the different perspectives: Processes, Customer, Financial and Human resources. Availability and feasibility of measurement, and the necessary records for each of the indicators were identified. After 2014 data collection and analysis, the BSC was revised, mainly on the information provided (relevance) and complexity of measurement. Results&Conclusions: Finally, a BSC with 38 indicators (of the 53 original) was set up: 26 process indicators, 6 financial, 3 customers oriented and 3 for HR. This BSC is complemented by dashboard specific of each area This BSC, gives us a comprehensive overview of the organization, detect deviations from the strategic plan and help us to express the objectives and initiatives to the continuous improvement.