Jason Carr


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Jason Carr


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“Lessons from Silicon Valley: The Business Model Canvas as a tool for Biobanks”


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Session A4


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Jason Carr is the CEO and founder of SuprTecBox. The company uses the latest advances in software development and performance to offer an innovative Cloud solution tailored for biobanks. Jason’s work on standards and interoperability includes membership of the Irish Mirror Committee for ISO TC 276 Biotechnology and he represents Ireland on both WG3 “Analytical Methods” and WG5 “Data processing and integration”.
Jason is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Ireland. He has a broad skill set covering strategy, licensing models, start-ups, team leadership, recruitment and negotiation. He was instrumental in the commercial expansion of a leading worldwide biometric technology company from a small start-up to a large group with customers and employees worldwide.



The Business Model Canvas (“BMC”) is a visual chart that neatly summarises the most important components of a business or product idea. It builds on the principles put forward in Lean Startup Methodology, which have been widely adopted amongst the technology startup community as a succinct and straightforward way of capturing how a proposition will work. The BMC seeks to provide a deeper understanding of how the elements of a business relate to each other, and in its composition promotes debate and reflection on what is critical and why. The BMC may be a useful tool for biobanks. It takes nine broad headings that capture the operations and aims of a business. Some of these headings, such as ‘Key Activities’ and ‘Key Resources’, can readily be applied to biobanks. Others headings such as ‘Value Propositions’ and ‘Customer Relationships’ may be unfamiliar and will require more thought. The process of putting together a BMC will give those involved in managing a biobank a fresh perspective of their current state. Using a commercial methodology like the BMC can also help guide a biobank towards better long term financial sustainability. External stakeholders, including funding agencies and even patients, can easily and intuitively gain an understanding of what a biobank is trying to achieve.