Kurt Zatloukal



Professor Dr. Kurt Zatloukal


Title of Presentation

BBMRI-ERIC Services and Expert Centers as instruments to improve translational medicine efficacy


Date and Place

Session: D4


Speaker Biography

Prof. Kurt Zatloukal, M.D. is professor of pathology at the Medical University of Graz, Austria and is director of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Biospecimen Research and Biobanking Technologies. His research focusses on molecular pathology of diseases as well as biobanking and related technologies.
He coordinated the preparatory phase of the European biobanking and biomolecular research infrastructure (BBMRI) and is now director of the Austrian national node of BBMRI-ERIC. He led in the development of new European standards and norms for pre-analytical processing of tissue samples for molecular diagnostics.
He is involved in developing the ethical and legal framework for Austrian medical research and health care. He is member of the Austrian Arzneimittelbeirat and the scientific board for genetic testing and human gene therapy at the Austrian Ministry of Health, and member of the Austrian Standards Institute. He has published 191 scientific papers and was co-inventor of 15 patents.