Lasse Boding


Lasse Boding2

Lasse Boding

Title of Presentation

“Governance model for the Danish National Biobank”


Date and Place

Session: A7


Speaker Biography

Coordinator at the Danish National Biobank. Involved in governance and regulatory affairs. Collaborates with scientists for sample retrieval and depositing. Communications and out-reach.



The main purpose of the Danish National Biobank is to give scientists from Denmark and abroad an overview of and access to biological samples in Danish biobanks. Currently, the initiative reaches more than 22 million biological samples from 5,4 million Danes. Over the years, the Danish society has invested huge sums in building up a range of national registers containing information about all residents in Denmark. In the same way, the Danish health system has routinely collected biological material from a large number of individuals. Scientists now have great possibilities to link biology and data to bring about new discoveries. The Danish National Biobank is still expanding and will become one of the world’s largest biobanks and a unique resource that will take Danish biomedical research another step forward. In this talk, I will present our newly published governance model. It has been developed in collaboration with important stakeholders, the Danish Ministry of Health, the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation and the Danish Regions. I will describe how a researcher can gain access to the material, the evaluation procedure and legal requirements. Finally, I will touch upon new initiatives to make analysis results available to new projects.