Marianne Talbot



Marianne Talbot

Title of Presentation

“Biobanking from a donor perspective”


Date and Place

Session: Plenary P1 / Sep 13th – talk in main topic PATIENTS


Speaker Biography

Marianne Talbot has been Director of Studies in Philosophy at the Department for Continuing Education at the University of Oxford since 2001. She is the author of several of the university’s very popular online courses, two of which are on the Ethics of Bioetechnology (one for public programmes and one for masters students in the biosciences): She is also the author of Bioethics: An Introduction (Cambridge University Press 2012:, for which she has made several short podcasts: . Marianne teaches bioethics for several of the EPSCR-funded doctoral training centres around the UK, notably Oxford and Imperial College London. Marianne is herself a donor to Biobank UK. She has made several videos in which she interviews scientists working with the Biobank, so that when the public is informed of progress they will know what is being done with the data. Marianne has a particular interest in dementia because both her parents had it. She wrote a book on caring for her Mum: Keeping Mum: Caring for Someone with Dementia (Hay House 2011: Marianne’s FB page is Marianne Talbot Philosophy, her twitter-feed is @oxphil_marianne, and her website can be found on:



I was delighted to be invited to participate in UK Biobank. As someone who writes on ethics, and bioethics in particular, it was an opportunity to be in at the beginning on something I deem to be extremely important. I greatly enjoyed the half day I spent donating – tissue, samples, and lifestyle information. But I made a nuisance of myself asking questions, and I have since been more of a nuisance trying to follow up the research that particularly interests me.  UK Biobank have been wonderful (and have recruited me to make videos on their behalf for the public). But I still have questions, and I am going to share them with you. Perhaps you can help me think them through?