Mark Rothstein



Professor Mark A. Rothstein

Title of Presentation

Next Steps in Harmonizing Privacy Laws


Date and Place

Session: P2


Speaker Biography

Professor Rothstein is the Herbert F. Boehl Chair of Law and Medicine and Director of the Institute for Bioethics, Health Policy and Law at the University of Louisville School of Medicine. Along with Professor Bartha Maria Knoppers, he served as co-Principal Investigator of the NIH-funded research project, “Harmonizing Privacy Laws to Enable International Biobank Research,” which was published in successive issues of the Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 43(4) and 44(1) (2015, 2016).



Biobank specimens and data are especially valuable when combined with specimens and data from other countries, because rare variations can be detected and examined. However, sharing of specimens and data across international borders may be hampered by privacy laws in some countries that limit disclosure or receipt of certain specimens or health information. This presentation will report the findings of a two-year study that compiled and analyzed the biobank and privacy laws in 20 countries undertaking substantial biobank development.