Michael Hisbergues


Michael H

Michael Hisbergues


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The BIOBANQUES Robotized High Throughput Platform for the preservation of DNA at room temperature


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Session A5


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After a PhD in cellular biology and microbiologyobtained in Marseilles in 1999, he gained 15 years’ experience in various labs and molecular microbiology projects in Europe and France as researcher. He, then, went to private companies as lab manager and R&D project manager. Michael Hisbergues recently integrated BIOBANQUES, the French Infrastructure for biobanking in Paris, as consortium manager and project manager to establish research consortia and promote the technological platforms owned by the infrastructure.



DNA stability is mainly sensitive to oxygen, humidity and ozone provoking breakage and bonding of the stored matrix. We have developed an innovative technology enabling the preservation of DNA at ambient temperature under neutral gas for long periods of time. DNA is first desiccated in glass inserts placed in metal mini-shells hermetically sealed under a mix of neutral gas. DNA samples are thus completely protected from deleterious factors (humidity, oxygen, ozone and light) and environmental contaminants for a storage in long periods of time at ambient temperature with costs of storage reduced to almost zero. Control experiments assessed the effect of this technique on DNA integrity with genomic profiles for NGS analysis. No deleterious effect could be observed. This technique guarantees the integrity and quality of DNA and is appropriated for long time storage at a very low cost compared to cold storage conditions.