Prof. PhD Joyce van Meurs



Prof. PhD Joyce van Meurs

Title of Presentation

From Molecular clocks to prediction of biological age: Applying “omics” in human aging


Date and Place

Session: Plenary P1 / Sep 13th – talk in main topic Biomarkers


Speaker Biography

Joyce van Meurs is senior scientist at the Department of Internal Medicine, ErasmusMC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. She is an expert in population genomics, especially in the field of musculoskeletal diseases. Over the last years she has uncovered genetic risk factors for musculoskeletal diseases and elucidated biological mechanisms underlying the associations. She is trying to apply the acquired knowledge into applications in the clinic, such as a prediction tools for musculoskeletal diseases. Focus is also on integrative genomics in population cohorts, where multiple genomic levels
(variation in DNA/RNA/methylation) are combined to predict and understand disease onset. She also coordinates the human genotyping facility (HuGe-F) in the genetic laboratory of ErasmusMC (, and as such has extensive track-record in omic-technologies.