Europe Biobank Week, to be held from September 4th to 7th, 2018, provides a platform for comprehensive discussion and collaboration on important activities for biobanking and biopreservation of samples and data for biological and environmental research in order to improve health care and decrease the burden of diseases.

Join us in Antwerp, Belgium, and be a part of the journey to strive for Biosharing For Scientific Discovery. 

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  2. Submit your abstract (s)*

*Abstract content: 250 words max, in English only. The format of your abstract must follow this pattern: introduction(max: 50 words), material & methods (max: 50 words), results (max: 100 words), conclusion (max: 50 words).

List of submission topics :

3 – Environment, Biodiversity & Human Health
4A- Impact of Policies and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on Biosharing
4B- Animal and Agricultural Biobanking and Preservation
4C – Quality Assessment and Management of Samples and Data
5A – Achieving Long-Term Sustainability in Biobanking
5B – IT Tools: Solutions and Visions for Biosharing
5C – Harmonisation & Standardisation: quo vadis?
6A – Biosharing for Scientific Progress: Ethics and Stakeholder Engagement
6B – Data sharing in biobanking – Discoveries, Novelties, Realities
6C – Biospecimen and Pre-Analytics Research for Reproducibility–from Sampling to Scientific Discovery
7A – Hospital-Based Biobanks, Clinical Trials & Precision Medicine
7B – Artificial Intelligence & Big Data in Biobanking
7C- Education Tools and Programs for Biobankers
8B – Museum biobanking & preservation
9A – Academic – industrial partnerships to accelerate scientific discovery
9B – Patient Involvement & Empowerment
9C – Pitch Your Scientific Idea -Innovative Techniques and Methods in Biobanking -(no product pres)

Abstract submission:


May 19th, 2018 – 

Abstract submission opening


June 10th,  2018 – 

Abstract submission deadline for oral and poster presentation

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