Sharing Experiences in Partnership

Sharing Experiences in Partnership:
A conversation on collaboration in a global network.
Rapidly developing technology and the explosion of big data hold untapped potential for drug discovery and personalized healthcare studies. In the midst of this data driven time, biobanks are a source of scientific excellence and rich data collections, yet there are still strides to be made in gaining exposure to partnerships, maintaining sustainability and finding a safe environment for collaboration and data sharing. This podcast holds an open discussion on how to address these challenges and find opportunities for successful collaboration in a global network.
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Swedish biobank research with Göran Bergström

Learn more about the Swedish CArdioPulmonary bioImage Study (SCAPIS), which aims to recruit and extensively phenotype 30,000 subjects aged 50-64 years at six Swedish university hospitals, in this interview with Göran Bergström. Visit Biobank Sweden at EBW2020 for more information about Swedish biobank research activities. 

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Next generation biobanks and effective industry collaborations

Next generation biobanks and the journey to effective industry collaborations:
Leveraging the power of RWD through connections in a global network

It is becoming increasingly apparent that real world data collections hold untapped value across the drug development cycle. However, the full power of this data is yet to be unlocked, due to both industry and academia grappling with challenges in scaling processes as well as managing, harmonizing, and integrating data and resources.

Pharmaceutical companies are looking into data sharing opportunities and collaborative initiatives to help them better identify new potential drug candidates to more efficiently develop them into effective and approved medicines. Within these overarching challenges, data sharing itself has roadblocks at different levels which must be addressed by collaboration, as they are multifaceted and can be cultural, ethical, financial and/or technical.

In a changing research landscape, biobanks are the epitome of scientific excellence, storing samples linked to rich datasets in novel data collections that are highly valuable for new discoveries in drug development. Yet, there are still strides to be made in gaining exposure to partnerships, maintaining sustainability and finding a safe environment for collaboration and data sharing.

Accordingly, there is a growing need for global collaboration as well as for digital solutions to manage this. The potential lies in creating a global footprint and bringing together knowledge across industries, including biobanks, healthcare technology companies, expert clinicians, and researchers, combining expertise with reservoirs of high-quality health data to pool resources.

To address this and close the gap in collaboration, BC Platforms has developed an approach where secure data sharing can be realized through the optimal constellation of technical capabilities, a global data footprint, regulatory adherence and domain expertise. Together, BC Platforms’ solutions enable large-scale, disparate data sources to be stored, integrated and analyzed safely without compromising patient privacy or violating local regulations.

With a unique approach, we have enabled our partners to be able to connect their anonymized data collections to our platform via a secure link that collects summaries of query results, keeping sensitive data secure and unexposed. The end result is a federated Global Data Partner Network that incentivizes quality data, data variety and international collaboration not possible from a single data source or from any other provider.

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Interview with Mark Stevenson

Thermo Fisher Scientific supports #EBW20. Interview with Mark Stevenson, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Mark Stevenson, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Thermo Fisher Scientific discusses how the company is playing an important part supporting customers with testing, vaccine and therapies with regards to COVID-19, but also how we move forward by collaborating and working together.

Mark discusses how biobanks play a critical role in conducting life science research enabling a wonderful resource, and how Thermo Fisher Scientific is engaged with European biobanks at this present time. Given examples are two new antibody tests where biobanks played a crucial role in providing COVID-19 positive samples and associated clinical data. Other examples are the FinnGen research project which combines genomics and health record data to understand disease mechanisms, and how Thermo Fisher Scientific will support customers with cancer research with the importance of biobanks being highly significant in this process.


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Meet our Keynote Speaker

Walter Ricciardi is a professor of hygiene and public health at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Rome, where he is also director of the Department of Public Health and deputy head of the Faculty of Medicine. Before that, Prof Ricciardi was president of the Italian Institute of Health, the country’s top health research organization.

As one of Europe’s most renowned epidemiologists, Prof Ricciardi holds several advisory roles within EU and global decision makers. Prof Ricciardi is president of the Mission Board for Cancer of the European Commission, president elect of the World Federation of Public Health Associations (WFPHA), Italian representative in the Executive Board of the World Health Organization and scientific advisor to the Italian Minister of Health for the coronavirus pandemic. 

In addition to contributing to over 300 academic papers, primarily in the fields of Epidemiology, Health Services Research and Public Health Genomics, he is also Editor of the European Journal of Public Health, of the Oxford Handbook of Public Health Practice, and Founding Editor of the Italian Journal of Public Health.

#EBW20 at-a-glance

Meet our Vendors

We are proud to announce the presence of 25+ vendors supporting the Europe Biobank Week 2020. Visit their Virtual Sponsor’s Page during the conference to explore their latest development in the biobanking industry. For further information on sponsorship opportunities, please visit our website.

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Become a Biobank Partner!

Whether your goal is to demonstrate your expertise/ your products, differentiate yourself from competitors, engage with your target audience, increase brand awareness or simply boost your annual market sales, you cannot afford to miss out on connecting with this targeted biobanking and research community. Achieve your goals through our event by choosing from one of our sponsorship opportunities categorized by desired outcome!

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Early-Bird Rates Extended

Early-Bird registration deadline has been extended until the 31st of August offering you the opportunity to benefit from the discounted rates!
Europe Biobank Week 2020 is the largest European conference on biobanking. Be at the forefront of the latest biobanking challenges by registering today.
Do not miss the early-bird registration rates for #EBW20, which are in effect only until 23:59 CET, Monday, 31st of August. Make sure you register today!

Late-breaking abstracts are welcome until 31 August

We are happy to announce that we received a significant amount of abstract submissions, but we are still welcoming late-breaking abstracts until the 31st of August! No further deadline extension is foreseen! Abstract submissions from academia, government, and industry are welcome. Find out the guidelines and submit your abstract here!

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Abstract Submission deadline is extended!

Help shape Europe Biobank Week 2020 content!

We are happy to announce that the abstract submission deadline is extended to the 28th of August!

This year we encourage the submission of cutting-edge presentations under the following streams:

The aim of this stream is to promote results based on scientific projects and clinical trials which are performed in cooperation with biobanks.

This stream is about how we enable biobanks to do their job even better, from technology to regulatory aspects.

Stream dedicated to biobanks that collect other than human material. Sessions can be dedicated to animal, plant but also microbiology biorepositories.

Help us deliver the best possible scientific content for each of these streams!

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